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Automata/Donation boxes

Our automata were previously at V&A Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood in East London and MoSI Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. King Cobra is now on show at Amazonia Reptile Centre, Norfolk and New King Cobra and The Three Trials are now on show at Marvin's Marvellous Mechanical Museum in Detroit, USA. The Number Cruncher is now in the shop at the Science Museum London and our solar powered donation box is in The Kent Wildlife Trust Visitor Centre near Maidstone.


The Bird-box
Let the bird feed from your hand

Number Cruncher

The Number Cruncher
See inside a working super-computer. Meet the megabytes

what are little boys made of?

What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of? Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails, that's what little boys are made of.

again and again.

Again and Again
Private collection

Automaton commissioned for a private Alice in Wonderland garden.

Tthis automaton can also be seen in the sculpture section

king cobra.

King Cobra
Amazonia Reptile Centre, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
New King Cobra
Marvin's Marvellous Mechanical Museum, Detroit, USA
Interactive automata – keep yur hands still while the cobra strikes.


Music plays, lights flash, the cars move...

three trials.

The Three Trials
Marvin's Marvellous Mechanical Museum, Detroit, USA
The Three Trials of Terror, a test of courage interactive game.

eyres dragon.

Eyres Dragon
Eyres Monsell School, for Leicester City Council

Water clock for a school theatre foyer in Leicester.


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